Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday Topics- Get Well, Stay Well

Lately, I have been feeling quite under the weather.  I thought, what better topic to address with you, as cold and flu season is right around the corner and the weather is beginning to cool.  I thought about putting a little research into this post, like I do my other Tuesday Topics...but even as I considered googling how to "get well" or "stay healthy during flu season" I knew the answers all the websites would give me:
Drink lots of fluids
Wash Your Hands
Take vitamins

You know...the usual suspects.  But as I'm battling with my own health, I wanted to give you my tips to staying healthy and healing if you are ill.  This is not rocket science and may seem like common sense.  We all need a good reminder, however, so here you go:

Drink plenty of water (ha ha, yes that is a no brainer!) but as it gets colder outside, I stop drinking as much water.  As I sit here and type at my desk, my usual glass of water is missing from the coaster.  Even after I just ran and did yoga.   I am not sure why water is so important to good health, other than obvious reasons-- our bodies are largely made from water and we must keep hydrated, even if it is cold outside.  So as you feel that impending cold, start chugging ladies and gentlemen.  I know from experience, if I saturate my body with water, I start feeling instantly better!

Get exercise, especially in the fresh air.  Now this one may seem contrary to the idea of getting lots of rest while healing or preventing an oncoming cold- but I dare say a little fresh air can go a long way.  I am not suggesting you tear your body apart with an intense workout.  The level of your workout will depend on your level of fitness.  It may be a short walk, a bike ride outside, for me this morning it was a quick 3 mile run.  Somehow, the blood pumping through my body makes me believe it is pumping the toxins out.  Perhaps illness is partially mental after all.

Get plenty of rest.  I have been running around like a maniac lately: Vegas, camping, work, babysitting.  It is all beginning to add up to one very bad cold.  The best way to nip it in the bud, is to literally stop dead in your tracks.  Yesterday I took two naps.  Not one, but two.  And I still went to bed at 9:30pm.  Today, I feel rested and refreshed.  I wouldn't go as far to say I'm healed or energized.  But I am on the road to recovery!  So stop what you are doing, relax a bit.  Women especially have a hard time doing this.  We feel we need to have our hands in every different pot, and if we remove our hand from just one pot, all might overflow!  We must learn to relinquish some of that control and take care of ourselves first.  So get your rest!

Eat well.  Duh! But as I have been so busy lately, eating well has been on the back burner.  I have been eating quick convenience foods, eating out a ton, and munching on sugary snacks.  All these things can only have a negative influence on the way my body performs.  We need to fuel our bodies first with veggies- they are so high in nutrients.  Nothing beats an oncoming cold like a pot of homemade vegetable soup packed with as many cold-fighting veggies as you possibly can squeeze.  Unfortunately, with all the traveling lately, I have no veggies in my house to speak of!  I have been holding out at the grocery store because my Absolute Organics box arrives tomorrow.  But even that should not be an excuse to skip on veggies.  I may have to venture out of the house to find some today!

Spend the beginning of each day in quiet time.  Whether you are a Christian and you spend your quiet time with the Lord, or if you just take a few minutes to calm down and relax at the beginning of each day, your quiet time will help to center your focus for the day and keep your mind, spirit and body feeling refreshed.  By teaching yourself to take this extra time for you each day, will help remind your throughout the day to focus on you as well as everything else.  You are important too, and you deserve the time to take care of yourself.

Other little things I do when I feel myself leaning toward a cold:
Drink Emergen-C: the shock of vitamins to my body always helps me feel instantly better
Go to bed early
Drink lots of herbal tea
Stretch (it just makes me feel better)
Read a book (starting a good book helps you automatically slow down, because you are wanting to sit and read!)

Hope these tips help you this cold and flu season.  Share your tips with me in the comments section!

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  1. When the nasties strike or they feel like they are coming on, I bring on the the citrus...ruby red grapefruit, navel oranges, juice oranges, tangerines, tangelos and sometimes juice. I prefer to eat my fruit rather than drink it!
    I also have a eucalyptus shrub that I combine boiling water and the leaves to help clear out mucus. Gross, but it works.