Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Last night in Vegas

Ok, I know I said I was done writing about Vegas, but then I realized I forgot to tell you about the last evening we were there.  And since I know you are definitely not tired of hearing about my Vegas trip, I thought I would fill you in on the awesome desserts we enjoyed...but first- I must give out a secret, I met Elvis!


Although we were short on time, and had to catch a red eye, we still wanted to make it to Fremont Street to check out the largest outdoor screen for the light show. 

Downtown Vegas was the original "strip" and still houses many of the old Vegas casino and hotels.  We checked out two of them: Golden Nugget (awesome) and Fitzgerald (heh...).  One good thing came out of the Fitzgerald, however.

Fried Oreos!

I'm not sure if these are vegan.  I really don't care to look it up.  All I know is they are what my dreams are made of! Deep fried yummy goodness! 

An oreo, caked in funnel dough, sent down in tons of hot grease, and retrieved to fill my belly and make me feel oh so...ok so maybe not exactly good.  In fact my belly filled up after just 1/2 of one of these guys.  Of course I managed to fit the other half in there somewhere!  (Remember I also ate my weight at the Wynn buffet earlier in the day!).  No worries, I still had room for more dessert!

Enter Icepan into my belly! 

Mr. Kummerow and I spotted this place in Harrah's casino/hotel earlier in the day, and were convinced we would be taking a visit back at some point, once they opened.  They make ice cream right before your very eyes and you get to choose the flavor, the milk and the mix-ins.  So naturally we chose peanut butter flavor, soy milk, and banana and mochi mix ins.  They make it right in front of you, so you can watch the whole process. 

Although I was still full from the buffet and overflowing from the fried oreo, I still managed to squeeze this into my belly!


We ate our ice cream as we walked back to the condo, checked out and caught a cab to the airport for our 11:30pm flight!  Many hours later, two tired and un-rested Kummerow's arrived back in Charlotte at 10am!  I don't think I will ever attempt a red eye flight again...especially not after a weekend in Vegas!

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