Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fuel {green monster, stuffed apples}

Mr. Kummerow cooked us dinner! He is such a wonderful cook. When he's in the kitchen, he still likes me to show him what things go together and give some ideas of what to cook. But he did inform me that he made this without any recipe!

These stuffed apples were mimicked after my recipe we made several weeks ago.  We had so many apples we had to start using them!  Mr. Kummerow changed a few things in the recipe.  He included lentils with the millet for some added protein.  They turned out wonderful!

We created this salad on the side and topped with a little hummus mixed with shoyu sauce.  You will notice the salad is also topped with pickles.  I have been addicted to these homemade bread and butter pickles and I insist on topping everything with them!
This week we have been surviving off of our Absolute Organics box, staples that were already in the house and leftovers from the Beach Retreat.  We haven't had to do any shopping!  Which makes me a little sad because I love grocery shopping, but I've been so busy this week it has been a blessing!

Here are some of the lunches I have enjoyed this week:
Leftover Butternut Squash pasta with a salad of cherry tomatoes and pickles!
Leftover stuffed apples, fresh veggies with hummus and sauteed collards topped with chickpea salad. Yummy!

And I made this wonderful treat after my 7 mile run yesterday:
My very first actual Green Monster!  Usually they are purple!  This is my new tumbler from Girls on the Run!  You can purchase your own at their store and use code 264: part of the proceeds will be donated to Iredell County Council!

In the monster:
2 cups fresh collards
1/2 banana
1 frozen banana
1/3 cup instant oats
2 heaping tablespoons Trader Joe's Peanut Flour
1 tbsp chia seeds

I threw it all in the food processor...I do not have a blender or you could use that!  I combined all ingredients and then threw in 4 ice cubes to make it nice and cold.  I poured into my new GOTR cup and enjoyed!  This was full of protein from the peanut flour, I do believe it could substitute as a peanut butter flavored protein powder. 

A post work-out snack or meal should contain healthy proteins, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats.  Carbohydrates are essential for building glycogen stores, and proteins provide the amino acids needed to rebuild muscle tissue that is damaged during intense, prolonged workouts including cardio and strength training.  source Green monsters seem to have a nice balance of carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats and are a good choice for after workout meals.  Careful not to overload it with too many calories if this is going to be in addition to your meals for the day.  This green monster has between 400-500 calories.  Great for a meal, not for a snack! To make a snack, just half the recipe!

How do you fuel after a long run? What is your favorite post-workout meal/snack?

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