Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wow! That hurt!

I've met my match. His name is "Scooter." Scooter meet Tanya. Tanya meet Scooter. Now Tanya meet Pavement! The result of this introduction is too graphic to photograph...and has me on running hiatus for maybe two weeks. My knee is swelled to the size of a softball and I lost a good chunk of my tan on my left arm. Ouch. I am sad and very very grumpy. Mr. Kummerow doesn't like when his bride misses a run...I tend to be more high-strung.

To make matters even worse...I am still struggling with computer issues. After my spill yesterday (this nanny job is hard) I managed to sit in the car for 45 minutes to pick up my new computer in South Charlotte. Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling very the secret I mentioned yesterday- well it was a meet up with other area bloggers, and I decided to sulk about my injuries instead of meeting them for fro-yo (I don't even think I know what fro-yo is). I'm sad I missed it, but I don't think I would have been much fun.

So back to the computer...we got the new one (yay!) and they told me with a firewire cable and about 60 minutes, I could transfer everything from one computer to the next. Well, that didn't go as planned and I have spent the majority of today on the phone with the support team. Not a happy camper. It is now 9:11pm, and it is still not complete and we are basically starting over from scratch...again.

Oh, computer, why don't you just want to be nice to me today? Why can't you just do what I tell you to do, when I tell you to do it?

Tomorrow I plan to "check-out." I will be in the car all day and don't be surprised if I don't even answer my phone. Registration kicked my butt this week and the computer has me a little strung out. I plan to spend 14 hours of pure wonderful quality time in the car with Mr. Kummerow and books on CD. So don't call me :)

(I'm sorry, did she just say that she would enjoy 14 hours in the car? Man it must have been a really hard week!)

Alright, Negative Nellie is going to bed now, hopefully tomorrow morning Positive Patty will re-awaken! My alarm is going off at 3am, so that will be yet determined...

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