Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Vegas Wedding Bells

The whole reason for the vacay: Tiffany and Rob's big day! All dressed up with somewhere to go!
The ceremony was at the Venus Garden at Caesar's Palace.  It was short and sweet and so beautiful!  Look how sweet they are! We had such a wonderful time in Vegas with these two.  Tiffany is such a sweet woman.  Mr. Kummerow and Tiffany have been very close for year's.  When I met Mr. Kummerow, Tiffany was so welcoming to me and made me very comfortable.  She has always been so supportive of us and I was so delighted we were able to share in her big day! 
After the ceremony we headed to Bally's for the reception.  These are our condo buddies.  We shared a suite for the weekend.  Vegas is such a good time!
Look what we found on the way to Bally's!
Our first viewing of the Fountains at the Bellagio!  Such perfect timing! These fountains were so much fun to watch and we actually caught them several times while in Vegas.
Check out some of these photos from the reception.  So classy and fun!
View from the ballroom!
Did I mention Tiffany was such a gorgeous bride!  Not to mention a fun bride! Of course you have to be fun to have your wedding in Vegas!
Dinner was brilliant! The most vegan-friendly menu I have ever encountered at a wedding! Thanks Tiff!
Dinner was of course followed by toasts.  Which brings me to my favorite part of any wedding...
And my lesser favorite portion of the evening...
Non-vegan cake! Which somehow ended up on my lips...
Hey! What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! Right?!

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