Monday, September 13, 2010


I finally did it! I registered for the marathon.  It was silly how nervous I was.  And all I was doing was typing in my info! My stomach was in knots and I started to feel queezy, like I might throw up!  My hands started clamming up, and my heart rate even lifted! Crazy!

Today I also registered for Solemates! Solemates is the charity running team of Girls on the Run.  Men and women sign up to compete in all types of races and fundraise a minimum of $262 for Girls on the Run in the meantime.  I am committed to raising $1000, however! I want the t-shirt that says "Find your happy pace" and it is the incentive prize for raising $1000!  Amazing what we will do for a cute t-shirt, eh? I am very excited for the t-shirt, but even more excited for what the $1000 really means: 10 scholarships for deserving girls in Iredell County. 

Girls on the Run is such a neat program- and yes they do pay me to say that- but I truly believe it in my heart and soul.  I have experienced first hand the struggles of being a girl in this world, and a program like Girls on the Run might have been able to change part of the course of my life.  Would I have better self-esteem and confidence if I had the opportunity to participate in this program as a child? Absolutely!

So many times as a child I felt my personality was squashed in an attempt to be more like the "cool group." It was no longer "ok" to read outloud in class or to raise my instead I began to shy away from participation activities and my grades began to fail.  The clothes I had weren't cool, so I began to obsess over material objects and lusting after expensive things I couldn't afford. Church was definitely not a cool place to be, and my relationship with Jesus suffered tremendously as an adolescent.

Growing up is hard, and all young people need good mentors and role models to lift them up and boost their confidence.  Girls on the Run provides that for girls, and allows them to explore the challenges they will face in life and the decisions they will make in the wake of those challenges.  The program prepares girls for a lifetime of self-esteem and healthy living. 

If you would like to support Girls on the Run and motivate my marathon training please consider a donation to Solemates.  You can visit my Active fundraising page to make a donation.


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