Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Running Skirts and the Dinner I didn't cook

This week has been especially difficult to squeeze in all of the cooking I desire or plan to do.  So as you may have noticed, my meal plan this week is completely off!  In an effort to catch up with some of the cooking, I enlisted help.  Enter Mr. Kummerow- my husband hero!  He cooked this tofu recipe last night that was delicious!

Lemony Baked Tofu with Rosemary
inspired by Cadry's Kitchen

1 package extra firm tofu pressed (to get the water out) and sliced into 6-8 pieces.
Juice of 1 large lemon
1 tbsp. soy or shoyu sauce
1 tbsp. olive oil
1 tsp. dried rosemary
3 cloves garlic, minced
Black pepper to taste
Combine the ingredients for the marinade in a shallow pie dish or small baking dish.  Soak the tofu slices in marinade for 1 hour, flipping once halfway through.  Bake tofu in marinade for 40 minutes at 400*.

Check out Mr. Kummerow's creative photography skills...he's picking up a thing or two.  Next thing we know, he will be writing his own blog!
We served ours with spinach salads.  They were full of flavor and delicious! I highly recommend this tofu recipe for anyone new to tofu.  The long baking time helps firm up the texture of the tofu, and there is none of that weird tofu flavor- all savory lemon and spices! I think this tofu would also be excellent on a toasted sandwich with hummus and lettuce and tomato. 

So cooking for two families and scheduling 4 evening meetings a week, just doesn't work! Lesson learned.  I will have to make sure I don't schedule meetings in the evenings on the weeks I have the kids at their dad's unless I absolutely have to!  I will also plan to cook easy meals that don't require much prep or long cooking times.  Maybe I will even cook large soup pots and prepare casseroles on Sunday so it is easy to throw in the oven, or heat up on each day during the week.  Check out next week's meal plan for some fun ideas for easy meals and prepping ahead!

Today I ran in my new running skirt...again! I love it so much, I had to show it off for you, even if that meant taking a horrifying, early morning photo of myself!  I forgot to look at the brand, but I will update you soon.  This skirt features tight spandex underneath the skirt.  I love this- it is so comfortable to run in!  I also like the pocket in the skirt- I can put my route notes in the pocket- and hopefully never get lost again

This morning I knocked out 5 miles at a comfortable pace.  I picked up the pace on the last mile and it felt so good, although my quads were burning from my tempo run yesterday.  It feels so good to be back in full swing with running! I plan to do my long run on Friday again this week, and I'm very nervous because I will probably run it by myself.  This will be my first solo long run, and it will be great practice for the relay when I will have to run all by myself. 

Do you have a running skirt? When did you try out your first running skirt and do you love it?

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