Friday, September 24, 2010

On our way!

Mr. Kummerow and I are at the airport, sipping Jamba Juice, awaiting our flight to Vegas!
Our bags were quickly packed just hours ago, somehow I think we forgot we actually had to pack for this trip and waited until the very last minute.  Let's hope we didn't forget anything!
This morning I squeezed in an 8 mile run.  I am tapering now for the Triple Lakes Trail Run, where I will run an 11 mile leg of a marathon relay.  So my farthest distance run was 10 miles last week.  I did 8 this week, and next week I will run 6 as my long run.  The following weekend is the race.  Despite the shorter run this week, I still logged 25 miles!

What made the 8 miles this morning so special was A. I did it without stopping to walk! and B. I ran it all by myself!  During the relay I will be running without any of my usual partners by my side.  Unless I befriend a runner from a different team and keep pace with that person, I will be on my own on the trails for 11 miles.   I was worried that mentally I would hit a brick wall without someone to keep me company.  I intentionally ran by myself today to ensure that the I could do the distance solo.  To my surprise and pleasure, I actually felt great.  I brought my iPod with me in case I needed some motivation, but I never even used it!  Now I think I'm ready for the least mentally!

Well, we are off to Vegas now! And guess what I'm watching on the flight to keep me busy...Vegas of course! I'm on season 4 and loving it!  Have a great weekend!

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