Wednesday, September 1, 2010

No butts about it...

Today marked the first official dreaded training run. I've made it so far on a positive attitude and the excitement to increase my mileage...but this morning was a different story.

To go easy on myself...I must admit I didn't really set myself up for success. I have a busy day and it was determined that if I didn't get the run done first thing this wasn't going to happen. I then determined that it was necessary to accomplish these 5 miles at the dark, and surprising cold, without a running buddy. What was I thinking?

So even before the alarm went off I was tossing and turning with the idea of the dreaded 5 miles. Needless to say that I did not stir when the alarm went off and I mindlessly told Mr. Kummerow that I WAS NOT getting out of bed.

When I got up an hour later with Alex, it dawned on me that even if I hit the pavement at 7am, I would still have plenty of time to shower and get to my appointment at 9. What in the world was I thinking last night? Of course at this point, I was still upset about the run, regardless of the time- so I made a deal with myself...I will just walk out the front door, and if I make it to the street, then I will start jogging, and if I make it to the next road then i will go for it. If not, no harm, no foul, I will just go home and shower. After all, what is the point of pushing my body so hard, if I couldn't enjoy it.

So out the door I went, and to the street I made it, and when I turned the corner on to the next road I knew there was no turning back. It was just me and my sneakers and the road. I decided to have fun and run whatever pace felt good and walk up any hill I wanted and just go for it! Well, my positive attitude took me up each hill without slowing down, and I even lifted my pace at periodic points. I was running...and there were no "butts about it"!

(Sorry for the silly photo...did I mention my computer won't download new photos...I have to work with what I've got).

On two slightly related points:

Speaking of butts...I used to smoke cigarettes. I quit 4 years ago and have been a full 18 months without even touching a cigarette. Quitting smoking was the best decision I've ever made and not a day goes by that I don't thank the great Lord for giving me the power to do so. It controlled my life before, but now I am free! Plus, knowing that I was able to overcome that addiction- pushes me everyday to overcome anything that I face in life. My healthy life began when I quit smoking, and I have never looked back!

And speaking of computers...there is a good chance my computer woes will end tonight. I have an excuse to go to South Charlotte this evening (that's a secret that I will tell you about tomorrow-hopefully with some fun photos) and there is an Apple store in South Charlotte. Mr. Kummerow and I have been considering our budget all week and deciding if we would splurge on a new Mac, or go with a PC. We are Mac people...and it makes me sad thinking about stepping down (yes it is a step down) to a PC. Ultimately we have decided to go with a new Mac (it will be sooooo easy to transfer all my files) even though this was an unexpected expense and will take most of our extra money! So we have been tweaking numbers all week and since we will be down that way anyway....well you know!

So tell me, do you prefer a Mac or a PC. What makes you decide one or the other?

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