Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Goodbye Apples

These babies looked so beautiful this morning...I am utterly sad for their demise. You see, what started as 4 very fresh, right off the tree, red, shiny apples, ended in a burnt, caked on mess on the stove top.
It is sad, and I'm shedding a tear for the terrible, terrible loss.  I woke up early with Mr. Kummerow this morning, and decided to do some cooking early on, because I just can't seem to find the time later in the day.  With meetings every night this week, and cooking for "Bob" and "Toby the girl" at their dad's this week, kitchen duty is not where I want to be in the late evenings.

So I chopped up these apples, put them in a pan with apple cider and in an attempt to make really easy applesauce- I failed miserably.  Distracted and forgetful, I was upstairs reading my Bible, when I smelled the faintest smoky sweetness emerging from the kitchen.  OH NO! I ran downstairs to a steady stream of smoke barreling out of the pot on the stove.  Thinking quick, I moved the pan outside before removing the lid--I didn't want any more smoke in the house--to find a burnt mess.

It is now 11am, 4 hours later, and my house is still suffering with a smoky stench! And I am one pan short in the cupboard today.  Perhaps I should be holding a memorial for my favorite stovetop pot, instead of these gorgeous apples!

So maybe the lesson is, no cooking unless I'm in the kitchen.  That doesn't help explain why I just turned the oven on and threw in two sweet potatoes, only to return upstairs for more work...hopefully this experiment in multi-tasking will not end so chaotically!

As I mentioned above, I have the kids at their dad's this week, which means I am cooking dinners for them.  Now don't misunderstand me, I love to cook, but this is quite the challenge! This family has relied on convenience foods and kid-friendly ingredients for a very long time.  But as an educated vegan, I feel compelled to introduce them to healthier alternatives that are still kid-friendly.  My first week cooking for them, I let them eat what they usually would, just to see what they like, what they choose and what they favored.  This week is a little different.  I planned out 4 meals that I would cook, I sent a grocery list to their dad and he picked up all the items.
Their father is really on board with Bob and Toby the girl eating healthier, nutritious meals and he was very excited to try out some new grocery stores to find all the ingredients I requested.

So last night's Kid-Friendly, Semi-healthy meal #1...

When I asked them what they wanted on their tacos: "meat, cheese and sour cream!" The anti-vegan taco!
Notice the lettuce and tomato on the side.  I knew they would refuse the whole meal if I even attempted to put it on their taco.  In a desperate attempt to get them to eat the veggies, I spooned it on the side. 

Neither one of them touched the lettuce and tomato.

So I asked them to make a list of veggies they will eat and asked their father to just load up on those:

Broccoli (weird, huh? they wouldn't eat baby carrots but they will eat broccoli)
cooked carrots (again, weird)
green beans

Interestingly enough, they will eat any veggie out of a can.  It just goes to show that kids really will eat what we teach them to eat.  They have picked these habits up from their dad, and now that is what they request at dinner.  Well, even if they are canned veggies, at least they are veggies.  No more lettuce and tomatoes for these kids-which is fine, because lettuce and tomatoes are probably my least favorite as well!

Also interesting was their request for refried beans and olives! I have a lot to learn about 8 and 10 year olds!

On the menu the rest of the week: hamburgers, pasta and breakfast for dinner! Notice, I am not opposed to others eating meat, but I did request their dad pick up local and organic ground beef to feed them. 

Do you have any healthy, kid-friendly dinner ideas? I sure could use the help!

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