Saturday, September 4, 2010

Favorite men

The computer transformation is almost complete...of course the one thing that still isn't working properly is the photos. That will still take some time to organize...

I really just can't wait to get back to normal blogging!

Today is Saturday...and today is a sad day. I can't run and I am bummed. Meanwhile, I am here in Chicago visiting family and it is about 70* outside and I am dying to go out and put some miles in. Alas, I must suck it up and take the week off. What a beautiful, wonderful day for running and I'm stuck inside! I can't even really go outside and work because I can't wear a sweater or pants because of my injuries. And it is too cold to sit outside in shorts and tank top. Isn't that crazy? Too cold in September!? Who would have thought?

I'm dying to show you pics from last night's dinner. Julia is home from college, Mr. Kummerow and I drove in from NC and Lisa is in town visiting and we had a wonderful time cooking dinner and drinking wine (remember, Alex's dad is the one who taught us a happy marriage starts in the kitchen!) Last night also marked Grandma's 89th birthday! Although we will be celebrating with cake tonight, last night was the special occasion. Wait until you see the photos...she is so healthy and strong for 89!

Well, I hate blogging with no hopefully this one will hold you over. This is Mr. Kummerow and Mr. Kummerow, taken in July. Gee, you would never know they were related, huh? (ha ha ha ha) These are two of the best men on earth...except for my own dad of course!

Comment and tell me about your favorite men in your life...

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