Monday, September 27, 2010

Disneyland for adults

We are on our last day in Vegas, and I know I have so much to catch you up on! For today I will just leave you with this short post.
Here are a few things I do not like about Vegas:

1. You have to pay for water everywhere! Hello, we are in the desert...water should be free.  I have been so dehydrated!
2. No recycling.  This upsets me because we are drinking bottled water everywhere we go, and I haven't seen a single recycle bin.
3.  You can smoke anywhere.  I feel like I've been smoking.  My chest hurts, my nose is stuffed up.  I just want clean air to breathe.

With the bad out of the way, let me tell you, I am loving Vegas.  Despite not being a gambler, and not being a shopper, and those are two of the most popular activities here, I just love it.  Vegas is like Disneyland for adults.  It is a world of make-believe.  My favorite thing to do is walk around all the hotels.  Stay tuned for a top ten list of my favorite hotels and a full report on all the food we consumed!  For now, there is still so much to see.  So we are off for another fun day.  Happy Monday!

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