Thursday, September 23, 2010


I mentioned I had a surprise for today! Well here it is! Have you noticed how long my hair is getting? I wore it down to Emily's shower and even I was surprised how long it is.  For years I've been talking about donating my hair to Locks of Love.  So finally I bit the bullet. 
Check out the length on these locks!
I made an appointment with Donna Baker at Salon Elle.  She has never cut my hair before, so we were both a little nervous!  To donate to Locks of Love, you must have 10 inches cut in a ponytail.  So we started with pig tails.  And one by one Donna sliced them off!
Immediately after the first one came off I had this intense sensation that I had just lost a limb.  It was such an odd feeling.  Cutting my hair was quite traumatic.  And I even teared up just a little.
I think in many ways I have been hiding behind my hair for years.  It is my security blanket.  I have never had hair as short as it is now.  For most my life it has been very, very long.  My dad always adored us 3 girls with long hair.  And that's the way it was in my house.  Interesting, because my dad, who rarely calls, phoned me last night and left me a message that he missed me and was thinking about me.  I think he was missing my hair! I hadn't even told him I was cutting it off, but he must have a sixth sense about my hair!
One more pigtail was cut and I was left holding my hair in my hands.
Holding my hair was even more weird than having it cut.  It was very surreal!
Despite the tears and drama, I know this hair will be loved.  I take great care of my hair.  Probably more because I am so low-maintenace, and not necessarily that I really take that great of care.  But I have not died my hair in over 5 years, I rarely use product or hairdryers.  When I held my hair it was soft and shiny.  I know that it will be a wonderful wig and will make someone very, very happy!

I just love this- the mission statement for Locks of Love:
Our mission is to return a sense of self, confidence and normalcy to children suffering from hair loss by utilizing donated ponytails to provide the highest quality hair prosthetics to financially disadvantaged children. The children receive hair prostheses free of charge or on a sliding scale, based on financial need.

It makes it all worth it! Even the initial shock of seeing myself with short hair!
As she continued to cut, I became more comfortable.  And even started to like it a bit!
Donna did such a wonderful job ensuring my comfort.  She went slowly and kept asking me what I liked.  She also kept me distracted with fun conversation.  I found out about Salon Elle and Donna first from my friend Ashley who always has awesome hair styles.  But then Donna signed up to coach for Girls on the Run and I had the opportunity to meet her in person.  She is a beautiful, caring woman with five children and a strong faith in Christ.  I felt comfortable around her immediately and knew that she would do a wonderful job.
As you can tell, my smile grew as she continued to style.  And by the end I was a very happy hair donor.
It is such a big change, but I can't hide behind my hair forever.
It feels really odd not to have hair hanging down my neck, shoulders and back.  I keep reaching for a ponytail that doesn't exist.  This new haircut will take some getting used to!
But I love it!

You can check out Salon Elle at 149 Market Place Avenue, Mooresville, NC 28117.  Call for an appointment: 704-799-9384.  And if you see this post and visit Donna for a haircut for the first time you will receive 20% off your visit!

Life is full of changes, and I am fully embracing this one!

Interesting facts about me and my hair:
  • Rarely have I had the same person cut my hair twice.  (But I will definitely go to Donna again)
  • I usually cancel my hair appointments 2 or 3 times before I will actually go.
  • Before getting my haircut yesterday, I had high anxiety for almost an hour prior.
  • I almost canceled yesterday at the last minute. Even as I was in the salon waiting, I almost walked out.  Good thing Alex was with me to keep me there!
Is your hair a security blanket for you? Have you ever donated hair to Locks of Love? Comment and let me know what you think of the new 'do!


  1. I have long hair currently and honestly it's getting really annoying, and I thought that it would be a good idea to donate it, I've never donated it before, I was just wondering what you would suggest? Do you know of any specific places that help with the actual donating?

  2. Alicia- just remember hair can always grow back. I had long hair my entire life and I now love it short. Most places can donate it for you. You should go to someone you are comfortable with. While I had never had my hair cut by Donna before, I knew her personally and knew she would do a great job. Once you have decided who to go to, call ahead and find out if they donate hair. Like I said, most will donate it for you. Or at the least, they will cut it in pony tails and you can mail it in yourself. You can find more information by visiting Locks of Love website. I have never once regretted cutting my hair and almost 6 months later I'm still sporting the short style! Good luck!