Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wednesday and Thursday in photos:

It has been a very busy two days. Here is a quick re-cap:
6:30am: 5 mile run
8:30am: yoga class
10:00am: breakfast
11:00-1:00: answer the million emails regarding GOTR registration (craziness)
2:15-6pm: pick up Bob and Toby the girl from their first day of school-homework-swimming at the Y- and then dinner for them (very unhealthy, more on that later).
6:00pm: GOTR registration begins...let the madness begin
On the phone pretty much the rest of the evening, checking emails, returning phone calls, returning emails...and I managed to squeeze in a dinner out with the hubby at some point

6:30am: bible time
7:30am: breakfast (do not eat peanut butter before a run...lesson learned today)
9:30am: run 3 miles
10:30am: swim 750 yards
11:30: lunch and email and meal planning
12:30: light grocery shopping trip
1:30: preparations for tonight's dinner
2:15: pick up Bob and Toby the girl from school- homework- swim outside- cook dinner for them ( a little healthier today)
7:00pm: just made it home and writing this blog post before my very healthy dinner.

Can anything in the world beat this lunch?

A wonderful breakfast after my 5 mile run yesterday.

Breakfast was enjoyed while watching Regis and Kelly :)

Another awesome lunch: quick and easy taco salad- green leaf lettuce, tomatoes, onions, carrots, celery, soy cheese, Trader Joe's soy chorizo, organic corn chips, and Tofutti better than sour cream avocado dip.

Dinner on Tuesday: Tempeh-Oatmeal loaf (recipe coming soon) and baked sweet potato

Today's lunch: leftover tempeh-oatmeal loaf sandwich (there is bread under all that) and leftover stuffed apples

Tennis with the hubby

Meal planning today

Sorry this is so scattered and uninformative...I promise more on all of this later

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