Monday, August 23, 2010

Superwoman runs 8 miles this weekend!

Wow! I am superwoman! I had another fantastic long run this weekend! 8+ miles. I can't know for sure, but I think we averaged 9.5 minute miles. I am really thinking hard about investing in a Garmin watch so I can actually know how far and fast I run.

So here's the re-cap:

Friday morning it dawned on me that I couldn't run my scheduled 8 miles on Saturday. I have this habit of double-booking my time. Well of course I couldn't fit my run in if I have coaches training at 8am- a training that has been on the calendar for almost 6 months! So I grumbled at the thought of pushing it to Sunday, but knew I had no choice. It is difficult to squeeze in a long run on Sundays before church, but I refuse to do it in the heat of the afternoon. And I just couldn't skip church again! Thankfully my friend Tim was available to run with me on Sunday morning and we pulled out of his driveway at 6:40am!

Oh, yeah! I'm hot!

Now the plan was to run at Lake Norman State Park (same trails I did my 6 miles on last weekend). However, I missed the memo about the park not opening until 8! So at quarter till 7, we were locked out of our trails. So we did what any dedicated runner would do...we broke the law. (oooohhhhhh!)

About a mile down the road we parked the car in a sketchy sort of place and prayed it would still be there when we returned almost two hours later and pounded the pavement to the trails. Because of the bit on the road, we didn't plan the trails accurately and ended up running almost 9 miles on the trail and then still had to walk another mile to get back to the road. Then we still had another mile and a half to get back to the car and ended up running much of that just to be finished!

What was supposed to be an 8 mile run turned into much more...but what I realized is that I rock! I can push it out! I can take it! I am strong! And I love running! Pretty darn cool! I am still losing sleep over running a marathon, however, even though it is months away!

All finished!

There are many other weekend long runs that are making me nervous:
  • I have an 8 miler the weekend I'm in Vegas for a wedding
  • And then there is the 12 miler the day of Emy's wedding that I'm in
  • The following weekend I will be at the beach for a Women of Worship retreat and I somehow have to squeeze in 9 miles
  • Of course there is the 20 miler on Christmas Day
  • And the dreaded 12 miler on New Year's Day in NYC
I am glad I am experiencing these great runs now that give me the confidence to know I can achieve this gruesome training schedule! When you set your mind to something, you can do anything. I can reflect on all of my other accomplishments to help inspire me to get through this.

Check out pics from my first 1/2 marathon in 2008. This was just one month before my wedding. This was the longest run ever! in my opinion! And I did it just months after I started running. Angie has been my running partner ever since we embarked on this adventure together. We don't always train for the same things anymore, but I can always count on her to run with me in a pinch!

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