Monday, August 30, 2010

No photos...

No photos today...just a short post to let you know I'm still here! My computer is still on the fritz...but no worries, there may be a new one in my near future!

Today I felt sucky! If there was ever a reason to eat is to keep ourselves healthy (duh!) But sometimes the obvious isn't always easy. Yesterday at a very fun pool party I stuffed my face with all sorts of vegan junk food. Some people are easily confused that vegans are all healthy and health freaks. And while for the most part that is true...don't be misled. You can eat vegan junk just like you can eat non-vegan junk. Yesterday's junk surely left me with a food-hangover.

While non of these food items are necessarily large quantities, it just can't sustain my poor body. I knew from the get-go that I would not make it home for dinner and decided to stuff my face with all the snacks instead:

Trader Joe's Banana Chips- these were ones with added sugar, which aren't that bad for you, but I ate a bunch! They were so tasty and fun. I've never had banana chips like these before. They were long slices of bananas rolled up and dehydrated. Yummy!

Trader Joe's Pineapple slices- again not that bad for you...but I ate a bunch and that is a lot of sugar!

Chips and Salsa- I ate enough chips and salsa for an entire month! Yummy salsa though...just couldn't stop!

BBQ chips- yes after I had my fill of the decently healthy snacks, I had my fill of Lay's BBQ chips, quite possibly one of my favorite chips eva!

Wine- love the wine! I didn't even drink that much, but the combination of all the food and wine made me feel not very good.

Well, I don't regret my unhealthful day...we all need to splurge and break out from the norm occasionally. However, no bad deed goes unpunished. And this morning I was punished. I woke up with Mr. Kummerow and felt very "off". I started the day with a cup of Kukicha tea (twig tea). I think the tea is supposed to help with "balance" alkalizing an acidic body...and while I'm no scientist and I don't know if that is what my problem was today and even if the tea can cure it for sure felt like it did. I would have described my body as acidic this morning, and the tea certainly helped to balance me.

Then I headed for the Bible. (Man cannot live by bread alone you know!) And after some reflection and prayer I had a bowl of oats that further balanced my very unbalanced body. And of course, nothing cures a food hangover better than some good sweaty cardio. So at 8:15 I drug my lazy body to a cycle class and pushed the last "acid" out of my blood!

Finally I was feeling normal and enjoyed a cup of decaf with my friend over GOTR registration discussions and spent the rest of my day catching up on emails.

Hope your Monday was a little more balanced than mine...hopefully there will be photos soon!

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