Monday, August 9, 2010

7 meals, 12 ears of corn, one week...last day!

I wish I could say that I took the Sabbath literally and rested...and that is why there wasn't a blog entry yesterday...however, that would be false. Instead of resting on Sunday, Mr. Kummerow and I decided to tackle every single project.

Our Sunday started with church as most Sunday mornings do. This week I was teaching Sunday school...and sometimes I dread teaching because I miss out on the message at church. But as soon as I get in the classroom all my dread melts away and I begin to thank God for the reminder of childlike faith. I love listening to them pray. It is so different than praying with the youth group (middle and high school age students.) My Sunday school kids pray with such certainty and no fear. They are not shy and they get straight to the point. As we get older we find this need to "butter it up" and "sugar it up" and all the other metaphors for beating around around the bush. We try to make our prayers "pretty" and God is probably just sitting in heaven shaking his head and chuckling. He already knows our hearts. He knows our prayers. He just wants us to be honest with him. I must remember to pray like a child more often.

On to the Sunday projects: beginning with the pitiful excuse we call a yard. I was so disappointed in it, so Alex promptly went out to buy us some weed killer and mulch. We tackled the front bed with gusto...and wouldn't you know it, it didn't take that long and it looks great! I was so thrilled! Next month we will do the beds on the side of the house. Look out weeds, we're coming to get you!

check out before photos of the yard here.

On to the dreaded bathroom. The dust has been incredible in the house since we scraped the popcorn ceiling. We still had to sand out the rough spots and paint. The dust only got worse...but I think the ceiling turned out pretty good. Today we peeled off the tape and began the great job of cleaning it all up. This could take weeks!

Well, just when you would think it is time to relax on a Sunday evening, we get the bright idea to walk the greenway at the city golf course near the house. We wanted to see how long it was (AKA- should I use it to run?). After an hour and a half of fast, serious walking- we discovered...that yes it is long enough to run!

After a second coat of paint on the ceiling we finally plop down on the couch to watch...check it...the very first football game of the season! Halleluia!

Note that I did not feel at all like running this morning after all that walking last night. To mix it up, I decided to catch a cycle class this morning. Well worth it! I walked in the room sort of dreading my decision, but Erin S. decided to remind us in a very loud voice that we chose this work out...NOW DO IT! PUSH IT! WORK IT! PEDAL! FAST! GEAR UP! I really needed that push and motivation this morning!

Tonight's dinner was supposed to be last night's dinner (if you are following my meal plan). However, no one feels like spending an hour in the kitchen fixing a casserole after all that manual labor. So we made it today. Polenta Casserole with Seitan from the Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone. My review: delicious, but not for everyone. I enjoy the texture of polenta...but I'm not sure that everyone would in this casserole. This was the first time I made anything from seitan at home. While I have to admit that the texture and look of the seitan slightly resembled cat food...the flavor was good and overall I enjoyed the dish.

Bottom of the casserole: seitan, corn (finally done with the corn on the cob), and asparagus.

Polenta and cauliflower combo.

Polenta and cauliflower mashed. (after this I added peas and rosemary and mixed in)

Added the polenta mash to the top of the casserole and baked.

Out of the oven...ready for my belly!

My favorite part of the day (other than checking everything off my work "to-do list" in 5 hours) was a pit stop to one of my favorite vegan stores: Fake It. Located in Statesville, NC- this store front features vegan foods that are hard to find in this area. Today I was just looking for polenta for my casserole but walked away with a bag full of goodies. The coolest thing about this store is that it is locally owned...and the owner- Jean is so cool and full of great ideas. I have gotten in the habit of asking if anything is on sale or getting ready to expire because these items they are trying to push off the shelf. And sometimes...I can even walk away with some of those items for free. Like today! I won't tell you the free or discounted items...but just check out my loot: all for $10. Reason enough to support local business!

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