Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Unexpected visits

Today I am in Missouri. Weird. It was a very unexpected visit, and not under the best circumstances. Despite the somber reason for being here, several good things have come out of it. First and foremost, I have had the opportunity to spend some quality time with my good friend Andy and his family. It is sad, however, that it takes a tragic accident to cause a person to make quality time for the ones they love, and I vow that it will not come to this again.

I also have had some time with my sisters. We had lunch together today, I got to see my nephew, my mom and my dad and that is always a treat. I am sitting here now with the newly married Mr. and Mrs. Koch and I was able to check out all of their honeymoon photos from Italy!

Last night my dad proved that you could fry vegetables without using any animal products (take a note all those restaurants who insist on making fried foods out of buttermilk!) Not that fried food is the best for you, but those fried okra last night sure made my day! And my mom and I realized not all veggie burgers are vegan...why must we put cheese and eggs in burgers?!

Speaking of food, this short trip has also given me the opportunity to test my new found will-power...and I'm happy to say, so far so good!

I did manage to get in a run 10:30am! It sure is hot mid-morning in Southeast Missouri, and I don't want to do that ever again! By mile 2 I was ready to quit, and I think I only made it slightly over 3 before I walked the rest of the 5 miles. I'm not disappointed however, this is officially the first time I have ever worked out while visiting home. So I am proud of my attempt!

It's a short trip, and I will leave first thing tomorrow morning. Sad to leave Andy, sad to leave my family, as always. But happy that I had this opportunity to be here. I know I have been vague here, but I would appreciate your prayers for Andy and his family right now, and I know that they would appreciate them too.

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