Saturday, July 10, 2010

So what's happening in the Kummerow home this week?

Mr. Kummerow just returned from the mission trip in Chattanooga. My brother is in town visiting for another week, Mr. Kummerow's little sister and best friend arrive for a short weekend visit and I am just trying to keep up with work and home.

As I mentioned previously, Will (my brother) and I have been having a documentary marathon this week. The latest two being Food Inc. which we have both previously watched, but wanted a refresher...and Michael Moore's new film about capitalism. It was a very interesting perspective on capitalism, but unfortunately I have no opinion to share with you on the subject. It just made me think...but I have not formulated ideas of my own and therefore am not willing to go into detail. Food, Inc. on the other hand, I can tell you is dead on with what I believe. However, in practice it can sometimes become difficult. It frightened me because as a whole foods vegan I believe I'm doing so much already to help my body, the environment, others, etc. And then to go and find out about corn and soy. What shall we eat then? I suppose we can stick to organic and we are pretty much guaranteed we won't consume GMOs, but organic can get expensive, and at least where I live, inconvenient. But we all have to start somewhere. And the more conscious we are of the world around us, the better decisions we will make. Along the same lines, I skimmed through a book this week called Food Rules by Michael Pollan. It is a quick read and pretty fun. Here's your rule of the day:

#2 Don't eat anything your Grandmother wouldn't recognize as food.

Let me tell you today what I ate that she wouldn't recognize: tofu, daiya cheese (twice), and while she would recognize diet coke, it probably wasn't the best choice. So what did I learn today? Maybe to lay off the processed vegan foods and stick to the veggies :)

Over my soapbox, lets discuss how well I did this week with my "quiet time" and personal Bible study. Certainly an improvement over last week and the weeks prior. I haven't had my time today...but the day isn't over. Every other morning I woke up and after my typical morning routine, I sat down with the Bible, read a few chapters (I am in the process of reading the Psalms) and prayed. It was easier this week to pray, I had a lot to pray for: my brother, my husband, our youth group on their mission trip. So I enjoyed my quiet time with the Lord this week. I began to feel more at peace this week about a few areas in my life that need work. Obviously the work is in progress, but there is a glimmer of hope and I have that to look forward to.

Well we are off to Open Mic Night at my church. I'm excited to hear Nathan sing, and I really wish my brother would have brought his sax...but alas it isn't the easiest thing to "carry-on".

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