Thursday, July 22, 2010

Reading lists

So I used to be into monogamy...with books I mean! (I'm still very much monogamous in my marriage!) I could pick up a book, open the pages, read it, finish it...and move on. Why, then, have I become such a polygamist with my reading this summer? Or maybe it isn't even this summer, but this entire year? For example, the book He Loves Me by Wayne Jacobsen has been sitting on my nightstand since the Fall of 2009, half read! Or James MacDonald's book, I Really Want to Change...So, Help Me God, yes I have had that since early 2010- 4 chapters in. The China Study I began reading when I found Whole Foods Vegan Momma's blog in early Spring and my one fictional attempt this summer, The Great Gatsby, I have had to re-read chapter 4 three times now! And don't get me started on my Bible reading. I have been in the book of Psalms for far too long now! It is supposed to be my goal to finish the Bible this year, but I may need one more!

Where is my sense of accomplishment, my will to complete, the want to finish?! Why can I not follow through? Am I too busy? Maybe I'm just not making it a priority. And I guess the real question is, does it matter? Well I suppose it does if I'm taking the time to blog about it. So here it is... a new goal. Not a big one, just something to kick start my mind. I am choosing the easiest of them all to complete first, in the attempt to remind myself how much I enjoy finishing a book. So The Great Gatsby it will be.

New Rule: I will not read another book until the Great Gatsby is finished.

There. It. Is. Now I am accountable because it is on paper. Or on a computer screen anyhow. Oh, but one exception- of course I can read the Bible during my daily quiet time and I guess any other time I feel inclined. I suppose if I wanted a real challenge, I would make the Bible my goal. But then that really isn't a realistic goal if I'm wanting to kick start this completion thing!

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