Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mr. Kummerow reads my blog!

> So Mr. Kummerow read my blog yesterday, for the first time ever. And now all of a sudden I am super shy about it. It isn’t as if he doesn’t already know my thoughts and feelings and ideas I put down here. And he certainly knows about my obsession with photographing my food. So there isn’t much reason to be timid. Nonetheless, I have an overwhelming bashfulness coming over me.

What I hope he does realize about this blog is how therapeutic it has been for me. I know, some of these thoughts are borderline private and maybe I should keep a personal journal. For me, a journal doesn’t work. I need to know that I have an audience, or the time spent writing seems like a waste.

It does amaze me that Mr. K had to pick yesterday of all days to read the blog! Most of my entries are pretty topical and mostly about food. But of course, the day I divulge my soul on the world wide web, he decides to notice my writing.

I am the luckiest woman on earth though…in case you didn’t know. He texted me to let me know that I was a brilliant writer and he was a proud husband. So I suppose there is no need for shyness. If nowhere else, at least I have a an audience with him.

As I’m typing this, I am flying back to North Carolina. I just finished my usual travel meal of peanut butter and banana on whole wheat. This one was a leftover bagel from Panera and an organic banana from the airport. I am sure the passenger next to me was appalled at my spreading peanut butter and slicing banana on a plane. Well I say, at least it doesn’t smell like the majority of food folks bring on planes. I’m sorry I cannot share a photo with you of my banana slicing talent at 4,000 feet, I left the house in such a hurry that I didn’t bring a camera with me on this trip.

I did however, snap a photo yesterday with my dad’s camera of my garden fresh salad I made for dinner. My parents have a garden the size of my backyard, and while the lettuce was a little over its season and tasted slightly bitter, the toppings certainly made up for it: strawberries, blueberries, nectarine, green pepper, cucumber, tomato and almonds. I can mix anything into a salad together and it will taste good to me. Some people stick strictly to vegetables, others will only eat fruit on a bed of lettuce with no other veggies. Some only like nuts on certain salads and some eat your typical “themed” salads (i.e. Caesar, Greek, Cobb). Not I. I am the “everything but the kitchen sink” salad type. And that’s just what this salad was. (photo coming soon, once I can get my dad to email it to me!)

Tonight I fly in and must rush to a very important meeting. I am excited for this meeting because it is a new project at work, but there is one place that I need to be more…with Andy…and unfortunately can’t be. My prayers are still with his family and my heart aches for them.

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