Monday, July 5, 2010

I am a Jesus Follower

So, I'm looking at my blog and realizing that although my profile states that I am a Jesus follower and then a vegan...I am representing a vegan more often than a Jesus follower in my entries. This account of the last few weeks of life accurately represents where my faith has been these last few weeks.

You see, as created beings on this world, we are all left with a void inside of us. That void is meant to be filled with God, Jesus, our faith, our daily quiet time with the Lord and our trust and hope in eternal life...but what so many of us make the mistake of doing is filling that gap with worldly things. I fill mine with food. And sometimes material things, and anger and all my other sins...but food is the one thing I rely on more than anything else. I like to eat, and I consume myself with planning meals, thinking about food, relishing myself in food, etc. Now all those things don't necessarily have to be bad things. Liking food isn't awful. Planning meals: a very worthy deed. But when all these things takes the place of my faith in life, that is when I start to fall out of touch.

I realized that I haven't had my quiet time in quite some time. So my goal this week is to spend time each morning with the Lord. Hopefully this will bring me back to center. And help me to remember what is really important.

On another note, my brother is visiting this week. He flew in yesterday and he is suffering the heat with me. The AC is not working well in my house and my car. And today we have been zombies on the couch dealing with this heat. We did take in some really great documentaries on Netflix today, however. Right now is "Unusual Buildings and Road Side Attractions". Good times.

Well just so you know...for dinner tonight we grilled portobellas. Yummy! We watched "Beautiful Truth" a documentary about cancer and how our processed foods causes cancer and how it can be healed through whole foods and a vegan diet. So now my brother thinks he may become vegan! Nice! Or at least be more conscious of his food.

And on one more note, Mr. Kummerow and a couple guys from our church and youth group are in Chattanooga, TN on a mission trip through Son's Servants. They are working for Widow's Harvest. I have talked to Mr. Kummerow on the phone and I know they are doing roofing and building ramps. And I also know it is very hot there as well. So keep our boys in your prayers this week.

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