Thursday, July 1, 2010

Almost the weekend...

At the Kummerow house we are preparing for the long holiday weekend and out-of-town visitors. I'm cleaning the bathrooms and Mr. Kummerow is working in the yard. His dad arrives tomorrow afternoon and we have so much to do to prepare for his visit and our BBQ on Saturday.

Since arriving home from our roadtrip we have been taking it pretty easy. While we did start a new work out routine: 6:45am! Our evenings have been pretty laid back and we have been watching a fair share of television and netflix!

Our dinners have been as laid back as our television watching time! Here are some photos of what's cooking at the Kummerow home...

Inspired by my trip to Chicago Diner, Mr. K and I recreated our own version of sweet potato quesadillas. This is one of my favorite dinners of all time! I just boiled the sweet potatoes and mashed them (no seasoning or butter) and spread them on a corn tortilla with vegetarian refried beans, mashed avacado and soy cheese.

I made Mexican rice to accompany the quesadilla, but I was so full I didn't even touch my rice!

We even made homemade tortilla chips with the corn tortillas. We just sliced them with a pizza wheel and baked them in a very hot oven for about 10 minutes.

Home made pizza is one of our favorites. This one has BBQ sauce, sliced baby bellas, pineapple and tempeh. Our own version of BBQ chicken pizza. I also made a kale salad to go with the pizza. Corn, mushrooms, beets and artichokes were the stars in the salad!

One of my favorite drinks right now is juice mixed with sparkling water. This drink here is actually one of the new Pellegrino drinks- lemon. I didn't realize it was so full of sugar when I bought it, so I mixed it with sparkling water to make it a light spritzer.

And of course I made my favorite tomato-tahini sauce. So easy and so delicious. Spread on penne pasta and broccoli on the side. This is an easy, no hassle dish that satisfies your taste buds!

Of course it is so much better with the broccoli mixed in!

This was lunch yesterday. Kale and Broccoli sauteed with tofu and mushrooms in shoyu. I discovered that a piece of toast with hummus is a great base for this concoction. So I layered on the veggies and ate as an open face sandwich. Very tasty!

I've been working on a project for my parent's 30th wedding anniversary. I'm pretty sure they have already figured out what it is, although they haven't received it yet. So I feel it is fairly safe to post this here...who knows if they read my blog anyhow :)

So 30 years is a big deal. And I wanted to give them a very special present. After my wedding, I created a photo book of my wedding photos for them as a thank you for the wedding. And I got to thinking...their wedding photos are in an album somewhere falling apart, pages torn, and yellowing. I wanted to make sure what was left of their photos were preserved for the next 30 years. So I created a photobook for them on snapfish. It is in the mail. I shipped it to my sister's who will wrap it and present it to them for me. I don't get to see it first which is a bummer. I really hope it turned out well. And I'd love to see their faces when they open it and, but I can't be there. Going through their pictures made me tear up. I've seen them a million times, but what struck me this time was the similarities between their wedding and the weddings of my sisters and me. You've got the traditional poses: First dance, cutting the cake, and those are all similar. But it was the smile on their faces, the love in their eyes that really struck me. It was like watching Diana and Kendall get married all over again, or feeling my heart skip when I walked down the aisle to my awaiting groom. I think this gift to them was really a gift to me, and hopefully to my sister's as well. I am so proud to have parents who are still together. It seems like a rarity. Sure there were ups and downs, and there still are. But I know they love each other. And I can only hope to have that 28 years from now!

So if you are reading this mom and dad...Happy Anniversary! Way to go--30 years! I am so happy! And your photobook is on its way! Love you both!

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  1. I liked this Tanya, I'm going to try some of your recipes. I'm sure your parents will love your gift, that was very thoughtful of you. Love, Aunt Linda