Sunday, June 20, 2010

Vacation updates

Alright, so I know I promised a journal of all of our vacation happenings...and I have not been very good at keeping up. That's the thing about vacation after all; who really wants to be on the computer? Well I'm taking a few minutes now to catch up, but I suppose I will do this a little at a time. So we talked about the graduation party, now as I sip on my wine in the Carriage House let me catch you up to speed on my Wednesday-Friday:

Missouri- Part One

We left super early Wednesday morning to drive to Missouri from the Kummerow's in Rockford. I did not want to be late for Diana's Spa Party hosted by my big sister Stephanie. We arrived at my mom and dad's early afternoon and caught up with my dad and brother. My mom came home and we headed to Diana's to set up for the party. We surprised Diana with gifts-- lingerie! She was embarrassed, but it was fun and I know she will appreciate the gifts!

I convinced my sisters to come back out to my mom and dad's and stay the night. So they surprised my dad when we got back and he was so excited to have us all in one house! As we get older, I know it is harder on my parents to let us go. With the youngest (my brother) getting ready to leave for college and my youngest sister getting married, I'm sure that every opportunity for us all to stay at their beautiful log home is like heaven on earth for them. So we were all home...laying around on the couch in our PJ's. And it was nice. I miss my family so much and living so far away can be very difficult. I love my home in NC, and most days it is easier to just not think about how much I miss them. But I do and it makes me sad.

Well the next few days of vacation were busy, but not terribly exciting. Mr. Kummerow and I did not get to spend much time together. I was busy with my sisters preparing for the wedding. We decorated the hall, got pedicures, ran errands, welcomed out-of-town guests and generally just got to hang out together. I missed Mr. Kummerow, but our "sister time" was long overdue!

The highlight of those days would have to be the pasta dinner mom hosted on Thursday night. We had a lot of family drive in on Thursday so mom prepared a big lasagna and some spaghetti for Mr. Kummerow and me. While at the store picking up a few things, she found some vegan sausage patties and had the wonderful idea to make meatballs out of them. They were DELICIOUS! She used Morning Star breakfast sausage patties and thawed them, formed them into balls and cooked them. My parents really try to embrace my vegan diet. And the extra effort my mom made to make sure I was comfortable and had enough to eat was awesome!

Check in soon for all the fun details of Diana's wedding including photos! She was the most beautiful bride I've ever seen...(and just typing that made tears well up in my eyes!)

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