Saturday, June 12, 2010

Road trip has begun

(These are the Kummerow's. Not a recent picture, but you can see who I'm talking about)

Yesterday we jumped in the fully packed car a little before 6am, stopped to grab some coffee and we were on the highway. And then we were off the seems we forgot all of our "Dave Ramsey budgeted vacation money" in it's envelope at home. Bugger. Ok, so we got the money, turned around and were on the highway by 6:30am. I actually drove. And I drove for a decent amount of time...until noon. I can't say that our roadtrip diet was the healthiest, but it was all vegan. Consisted mostly of peanut butter on whole grain bread with sliced bananas. Make that 3 of those. And "egg salad" sandwiches. Graham crackers and vegan pudding. And lots of water and diet coke.

I may have mentioned after our beach trip the joy of books on cd. Our 14 hours in the car flew by with the help of Sissy Spacek's narration of "To Kill A Mockingbird". I have never read the book and it was a good story. We still haven't finished the last two cd's but it seemed to me the story ended at the trial. Maybe that is simply because my attention span waned significantly at that point and I was ready to be out of the car. We rented several more books from the library including "My Sister's Keeper" and "Atonement".

Well we made it to Belvidere...Dave's place (Mr. Kummerow's dad). I proceeded to relax with a glass of white wine, which then proceeded to make me rather tipsy in a short amount of time. Maybe that is what happens when you've been sitting in a car for so many hours. We bbq'd. I had a veggie burger wrapped in lettuce with a yummy chopped salad Julia (my sister-in-law) made for us. And then I just couldn't help myself and I indulged in those peanut butter pretzels. Dave always has a ton of food on the bar downstairs and it is so hard to keep from eating all day every day. Even as we arrived yesterday, my hand went instintively for a handful of goodies from the bar before I smacked some sense into my hand! I have to be on alert all day around here. There is always food everywhere! (This is Dave's. I love visiting here!)
I haven't really told everyone that I'm vegan quite yet. When Dave called to ask me what we wanted to grill and I told him a veggie burger, I think he was a little mystified that I didn't want something a little more, well I guess "yummy". I hate telling people that I'm vegan. So this will be an interesting 2 weeks! Mr. Kummerow just went to the store with Dave and hopefully he will bring me back some almond milk to get me through the week.

Well off to a pedicure with Julia. Later!

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