Thursday, June 3, 2010

fun workouts...

I may have mentioned previously, I am trying to find the joy in working out again, specifically running! Well my game plan is to do exactly what I want to do each day...doesn't matter what work out it is. Here is my week so far:

Sunday- swimming with Mr. Kummerow. So much fun! We used to swim quite a bit, but quit because it can get time consuming with the swimsuits and the wet hair and all that. But it was a hot day and we got in the pool and did 1200 and it felt good!

Monday- I took the day off. It was Memorial Day, give me a break!

Tuesday- John and Kim at the Y started a new running group. I brought Emily and we ran with another lady named Deb and had a fun run. I did 3 miles! That is the most I have done in quite a while!

Wednesday- yoga. Jan's class at the Y is a simple or beginner class and it felt good to just stretch my muscles and relax.

Thursday (today)- Davidson track workout. These are the most fun! We go out, warm up with some run/walk laps and run the bleachers. Usually we will finish with lunges, sprints, plyos, sit ups and push ups. Great work out and so much fun!

Friday- plan yet, anybody got any ideas?

Saturday- 5k run with Emily. There is a race in Mt. Mourne and if I run it with Emily it will be quite the workout...she is too fast for me!

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