Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Another meal

On Tuesday I made this yummy concoction...recipe borrowed by some old magazine from long ago, I can't even remember which one. This casserole is super simple to make. The bottom is polenta, homemade. I began making polenta just a few months ago. My mother-in-law had us over for lunch one Sunday and made it for us, and I was hooked. The recipe for the polenta I found in Tosca Reno's Eat Clean Cookbook, although it is also on the back of any package of cornmeal...remember you have to get the type of cornmeal specific to polenta. Some packages even call it polenta. It is a bit of a long process to cook and is dangerous...the polenta pops up and will burn your hand. I wear a mitt while I stir to protect my hands.

Layered on the polenta is sauteed mushrooms and kale. I didn't even use olive oil this time, just water, thanks to some tips I found on this blog about cutting oils. Unfortunately I did have to use vegan butter to make the sauce. Just two tablespoons butter, and two tablespoons flour whisked together and 1 cup vegan milk. Stir constantly on the stove and it will create a thick milk "gravy". I was very impressed that I could make this with all vegan ingredients. For the record I used Earth Balance Butter and Almond Breeze milk. I poured the "gravy" over the kale and mushrooms and topped with some vegan mozzarella cheese. I don't like to use a lot of vegan cheese...too processed...but I had some leftover from the lasagna so I decided to use it up.

This is the second time I have made this meal and it was great! And we have plenty of leftovers for lunches. So I actually just had another piece with a side of cucumbers and hummus. I literally just ate a whole cucumber! I'm not sure that is even healthy. Cukes seem to be my new favorite. I have tried to grow them in the garden, but they keep dying. Emily just bought our third (and final) plant...hopefully it will be success!

Tonight we are going to use the rest of the polenta (the recipe makes a ton!) and make a ragu with tomatoes, mushrooms and broccoli. If it is pretty maybe I will post pictures tomorrow.

On another note...but still food related...I am planning our "Great mid-American Roadtrip" and need some ideas/suggestions. We will be on the road for two weeks- in and out of families' homes and the car. I would like to pack the car with some food to snack on through the weeks and also need some ideas for eating out. As a vegan, do you rely on any restaurants? Do you have any tips for traveling?

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