Friday, May 21, 2010

Vacation Preparations

As a "new" vegan, I am still learning the balance of finding foods to eat where ever I go. It makes me extremely nervous about vacations. Especially since I get a little cranky when I get hungry :) so for this beach trip I have devised a plan to help me get through the weekend without worrying about food so I can truly enjoy my time with Mr. Kummerow. I did lots of research on restaurants and chose one restaurant to eat at for each day we will be in Myrtle beach. E Noodles, Mellow Mushroom and Dino's House of Pancakes. The fourth restaurant will be Mr. Kummerow's choice. And Dino's may not have amazing vegan cuisine, but it just looked like so much fun and came recommended by my friend Kelly! I'm sure I can get a yummy bowl of oatmeal and fruit!

The second part of my preparations were to plan meals for the rest of our days and to make them in advance. Since Alicia Silverstone has been my vegan inspiration, many of the recipes I chose came from her cook book, The Kind Diet. These include: Egg Salad Sandwiches, pressed salad and for snacks the peanut butter rice krispie treats! I've also made a bean salad from Tosca Reno's second Eat Clean cookbook and the yummy vegetable fettuccini recipe I found on this blog. (Ok after searching for 15 minutes I cannot find the blog I got the recipe is so easy though, just sliced zucchini and carrots- thin so it moves like noodles- and marinara sauce mixed with tahini- and I added some seasonings) We tried the sauce last night and it is delicious. If you know where the blog with the recipe is...let me know! And for breakfast I made banana muffins that were a mix of anything in the cupboard including vegan chocolate chips and craisins. I use flax seed mixed with water to substitute eggs and there is only about a tablespoon or brown rice syrup to sweeten. Bananas are so yummy and sweet who needs sugar! I think this is going to be the best vacation ever, I will not have to stress about food and we are going to save a ton of money by not eating out every meal! Woo hoo! Mr. Kummerow is pretty excited for all the yummy food too! I just realized I forgot my most favorite item I made last night...hummus- my first attempt ever and it is so good...just one can of chick peas, a few garlic cloves (we like garlic) a couple tablespoons of tahini and lemon juice! Perfect!

And now if I can just get through my two week road trip in June-- this will be practice!

Photos coming soon of our wonderful trip to the beach and all of our yummy eats!

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