Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Vacation favorites

By far my favorite memory of our trip would be Saturday evening. Mr. Kummerow was convinced we were going for a swim at night...but it was cool. Nothing would stop his determination for an evening swim however. So after we finished our yummy zucchini fettuccini we went for a dip. Of course the two glasses of wine we had made the temperature a little more bearable, but it was still cold! Why is this chilly evening my favorite memory? Rarely do we get to be spontaneous and act like giddy teenagers. So many evenings of ours are spent full of business. Get home from work, cook dinner, mow the lawn, work out, check the email, and on and on and on. For three full days we were checked out from reality, and apparently giddy, slightly tipsy evening swims in the cold is the result. After our swim we hustled back to the room to warm up and dry off. Of course Mr. Kummerow wanted to capture the moment on film and ran in to the room to grab the camera. He snapped a photo of me on the stairs wrapped in my towel with a fleece over for warmth and then proceeded to lock us out of the room! So still wet and chilly we walked to the club house (still in just a towel and fleece) got a new key and headed back to the room. We warmed up and went for an evening walk, red plastic cups of wine in hand and talked of all sorts of things. You know, those deep conversations that should be meaningful but are truly meaningless. Except that having those conversations, despite how meaningless the topics actually are, are full of meaning in themselves. The simple fact that we can have these deep, meaningless talks speaks to the unconditional love we share and the comfort we have in one another. We usually have one of these conversations on every vacation we take. When we are camping it is easy to strike one up...sitting around a fire, staring at the flames sort of begs for one of these. On our anniversary in Blowing Rock sitting at the pub...maybe its just the alcohol that stirs one up. In any case, it is those evenings when nothing is decided, yet everything is discussed that I think I may die of love and happiness. Mr. Kummerow is my favorite part of every vacation!

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