Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Summer is on its way

I am so excited for the promise of summer. Warm, sunny days and relaxing evenings with my hubby when he doesn't have to grade papers :) This weekend we are headed off to the beach...compliments of our good friends Bob and Val. 4 days at Myrtle to rejuvenate from the big weekend...New Balance Girls on the Run 5k and Chrissy and John's wedding, not to mention celebrating Mr. Kummerow's birthday.

So here is what we are up to this summer:

Alex will once again work at the school at the front desk...it is such a great summer job for him, great hours, easy work and he can do some planning for next semester. He will also continue to bartend on Saturday's at brewery.

I will continue working for Girls on the Run from home and working at Dirty Boys pressure washing during the day a few times a week.

Alex and I will be enjoying a long two week road trip this June. This is the first time either of us will drive to the midwest since we drove out here 4 years ago to move here! We have flown many times, but this will be the first drive...and our first road trip together since we have been married. We will drive to Rockford first to visit Dave and Julia for Julia's graduation party. We are hoping to see Chrissy and Karina and Jacqui and Scott at the party! Hopefully from there we will get to spend a day or two in Milwaukee or at camp. But there are so many things we want to do and so little time. We would also love to see Casey and Josie since we won't make it to their wedding this year.

Then we will drive to Missouri and spend three or four days with my sister Diana before the wedding on Saturday! I am so excited for Diana's big day! After the wedding we are going to head to St. Louis and stay with my cousin Kim at the carriage house, take in a baseball game and catch up with some friends we haven't seen in a while!

Then back home to NC! But that is not where our summer fun stops. I will hopefully be traveling with my mom to NY this summer for Lindsay's wedding, Alex will stay a week in Boone for a class and hopefully we will get many opportunities to go camping all summer long!

Finally, we will be rounding out our summer/early fall with a long weekend in Vegas for Tiffany's wedding! I'm so excited!

Yay Summer!

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