Monday, April 19, 2010

Falling in love with the clean-faced man!

So my husband recently went through quite a transformation. He has always had a long as I have known him. Once he shaved it about a year into our relationship. I wouldn't even kiss was as if I was cheating on my boyfriend with this new, clean-faced younger man.
And I did not like that clean-faced younger man. It was about 3 years ago, right before we moved to North Carolina. I gave him an ultimatum: when he met me in NC he better have a beard, or he may not have a girlfriend. Harsh. That is how strongly I felt about the beard.

Well, since New Year's he has been growing this beard into quite the conversation piece. At its longest, it measured close to 4 inches. It was a sight to behold and rarely did our friends discuss anything but the beard in our presence. After Easter he shaved it off...piece by piece. It was a torturous week. One bad beard-cut after another and the impending doom of a clean-faced man was before me. On day 4 of the process, all that was left was a mustache, and call me weird, but I like the mustache. On day 5 I flew to Missouri. Upon arrival, a text message awaited me with a clean-faced man staring through my phone screen. Shocked? Yes! Appalled? Surprising Not!

I returned home 3 days later and refused to look at Alex the whole way home, and pretty much the entire first night back. I didn't want to look at him and be faced with an unfamiliar person. At that moment I needed to be comforted and protected and I was scared of looking at Alex only to see a man I didn't know and whom I didn't trust to comfort and protect me. So I refused to look. The following day, he returned home from work...and as he walked in the door I glanced at this handsome clean-faced man and fell in love. He looked good! He looked young and fit and GOOD! He is excited I like this new gives him "options." I like this new look, and now I don't want him to have "options." Either way, it is good to know that I love him, no matter how he looks. I swear I am not superficial!

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