Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Maybe I'm not crazy...I don't know, maybe I am!

I was having a very stimulating conversation with a friend last night when it occurred to me that maybe I am not completely crazy.  See I have a love/hate obsession/relationship with food. I love food, but it is typically always on my mind, therefore I hate it.  Even as I'm writing this letter those dairy-free, gluten-free Newman's Own chocolate sandwich cookies that are in my pantry are haunting my thoughts.  That's it, food is constantly on my mind.  When one meal finishes I am only concerned with the next meal to come.  Even as I go to bed at night I am reassured with the thought of the big bowl of cereal that I will eat in the morning.  This all is borderline disorder, but as I consider it further, I think perhaps we are all innately made to think about food most of the time.  As Emily explained to me that food is what we are, what we are made of, and the one common ground we all have, I realized that not only is all of this true, but this can help explain why all I think about is food. Food sustains life and in its natural form (not processed, packaged meals) takes quite a bit of time to prepare.  For that reason, humans' lives were meant to revolve around food.  Well, God and then food.  But consider this, in a not-so-far distant past (and in many other places in our world still today), most jobs were food involved: farming, ranching. And even jobs that were not directly related to food, were somehow indirectly related to food: blacksmith, doctors.   Wives at home spent their whole day preparing for and cleaning up after meals.  If you didn't have the grocery stores of today and the conveniences of restaurants and microwaves, it would take most of your day to feed your family.  So maybe my constant obsession with food is just an effect from the ways of life before our time, or maybe I am just trying to find an excuse to justify my behavior...Either way, it brings me to another important point of health: that perhaps I am feeling this way in an effort to bring my own eating habits back to the habits of a generation or two ago.  Before the mass-marketed packaged and processed foods that are killing our bodies became a staple in every American household.  So my goal is to simplify my diet: many of you know that I am vegan, and at this point may be genuinely concerned about how it is possible to survive off what I am about to suggest, but trust me it is possible.  The changes I have made in my diet have introduced me to so many new and amazing foods.  When I can say that I sincerely enjoy collard greens and kale, I know that these changes are all for the better! So here is my suggestion, a new goal if you will: no more grocery shopping!  Alex, my beloved husband, has convinced me to start small here and aim for just one month (instead of the entire summer I had originally planned).  So you are probably freaking out now, how in the world can I not grocery shop?! Well, I am suggesting no grocery stores, I can still shop! I suggest using farmer's markets, co-ops and CSA's to get all the food I need.  Making this change in my life is going to help in so many ways.  A. Healthier diet for me and my hubby! B. Supporting local farmers and ranchers supports the local economy and discourages immigration and imports. C. Discouraging imports helps our environment by reducing our carbon footprint through reduced food transportation. D. No more processed foods: only true food- stuff directly from the ground!  E. And now when I obsess over food it will be to come up with creative ways to find food and how to use all my new found fruits and veggies and grains!

Here are some resources if you are interested in taking the No Grocery Store Challenge with me!  

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  1. Way to go Tanya!!!! We just tilled up our garden for spring planting and I have my lettuce and spinach ready to go in. I will so totally share with you this summer!!!!! We will, of course, have more than just lettuce and spinach, but that's what I have bought so far...I'm stoked! God bless.