Monday, March 8, 2010

Are we confused yet?

I certainly am! What is my focus, and what is my direction, and what is the point of this blog. I have spent some time reading others' blogs and have found that my blog is truly missing an underlying theme. What is this blog really about? Why should you read my blog? What are you getting from it? Shannon's blog is Christ centered and always a refreshing take on each day, Julie's is all about how to save money grocery shopping, Alyce has a blog for her wedding planning business, and my new favorite blog is all about vegan mothering (no I am not a mother yet). So what is mine about? When asked, how would someone describe my blog. Well, if I was asked, I would have to call it a mess. It's about this and that and changes as often as I change my clothes!

I created this blog as an aspiring wedding planner...that is what the title used to read. Well, as an aspiring wedding planner, I created a new blog on wordpress with a friend, and this one fell to the wayside. In an attempt to salvage this blog, I began writing about nonsense, changed the title to a very non-descript..."living the life God created me for" Well of course I am doing that...but what am I doing with that life? Certainly not wedding planning...amazing how I got an opportunity in an industry I've always wanted to be a part of, only to realize that maybe this isn't really for me. Friends, don't freak out, I am not closing any doors on this industry, just putting it on the back burner again. Maybe I will revisit it in the future...

So now with a new passion, or more of an old passion ignited in a new way, I begin another chapter in my life. Funny, how short that last chapter was! Hopefully this new chapter will be a little longer...and will stop confusing my readers...if I have any left! I still haven't answered the question regarding theme...but I'm getting closer! I am almost ready to let the cat out of the bag, to reveal my new self, my new title. I'm not there yet...almost!

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