Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wallpaper and Neckties

I have discovered a love for wallpaper today! And I realized that it is very similar to my love for neckties. I have always been jealous of the male species...simply because they get to wear neckties! I love picking them out, I love the patterns, the colors. Us women just don't have any accessory as cool as the tie. And unfortunately I am not one of those women who can pull off a necktie. I would end up looking more like a man than a modern, sophisticated woman. Well yesterday I decided I was going to hang wallpaper in my dining room. I have decided that wallpaper is just so much better than paint. It gives you colors and patterns you just can't achieve with paint. So today I started searching online for wallpaper patterns and now have decided that wallpaper is my new love. My husband will no doubt be shocked and appalled to learn about this new love. He humors my since of style, but if he comes home to a completely wallpapered house, I'm not sure he will be happy. My one saving grace is that his father's house is entirely decorated with wallpaper, so maybe he won't be as appalled by it as I think. Let's hope not! I am really excited about this. There are just so many patterns out there...and I love patterns. Oooh-I got it...Vera Bradley-the only other accessory a woman can carry that compares to neckties and wallpaper. Which also explains my undying devotion to Vera Bradley and her designs! Oh boy I am so excited. I can't wait to wallpaper the dining room...now I just need to find the perfect pattern!

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