Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dang equipment!

My goal this year is to find new reasons to use my video camera.  Last year, Alex's dad gave us this camera, and since then we have found one excuse to use it...just one.  Funny, that one time use was the day that his dad gave it to us.  We video taped (or should I say Alex taped) his brother's wedding.  7 months later, I am working to get it on a DVD to give to Scott and Karen as a belated Christmas gift.  Right on time, huh?  

I am not one of those youtube junkies, who think it is fun to video tape myself doing silly things and post it for the world to see.  I do not have any children- so I am not yet an annoying mom who tapes every single moment of their child's life.  I don't even have any pets to tape in an attempt to make it to America's Funniest Home Videos.  

So what should I use this dang thing for?  I would really love to have fun memories of my husband and I- so we could look back on these first few years of marital bliss.  But every time the camera comes out, the result is a silly dialogue going something like this:  "Say hi to the camera honey! Say hi"  "Hi camera...hee hee hee"  "Here we are hiking in (enter place here)"  "Isn't it gorgeous here!"  This dialogue is usually followed by a wobbly job at videotaping as we are hiking, making all viewers completely nauseous!  

So what is the use in this thing anyway?  How can we have fun videos to look back on that don't make us sick or completely embarrassed?  How do we put this expensive equipment to good use?  Any ideas?


  1. ugh. I wrote a nice post and then screwed up.

    my suggestions were interview each other, tell childhood stories or fond memories of each other, tape yourself doing fun experiments or activities, make up a silly crime movie (write a script and everything), call out facial expressions and have the other person react (happy! grumpy!) tape yourselves doing your favorite activities like cooking dinner.

  2. They always work great for video announcements at church...for that matter make your life a newsreel. Occasionally sit down in front of camera or "on location" and report the news in your life like a reporter would...could be fun.