Monday, December 7, 2009

Girls on the Run is so much Fun!

So while this blog really is about wedding planning...let me tell you about some other event planning I do.  For the last three years I have helped direct 5k races in Mooresville and Statesville.  Primarily my job is recruiting and directing volunteers: super fun, but also very stressful!  This weekend was the Girls on the Run New Balance 5k.  Girls on the Run is my favorite organization to work with and I devote most of my time and energy here!  If you have not heard of GOTR, it was founded in Charlotte and is now an international non-profit.  The program builds self-esteem and teaches healthy lifestyles to young girls while they train for a 5k race.  The race at the end of the season is truly a life-changing moment for these girls.  For some this is a dream come true, and for some this is the hardest thing they have ever done in their life!  Unlike other 5ks I have worked, this one is a real emotional experience and moves you to the core.  First off, simply imagine an 8 year old running a 5k race!  The feat was incomprehensible to me!  These young girls really do run a 5k!  I ran my first 5k at the age of 24!  I remember my first race like it was yesterday.  And I can only imagine that this experience will be imprinted on their memories for the rest of their lives as well!  I stood at the finish line on Saturday and helped give out medals as each girl passed.  (Each girl receives a medal!) Other coaches and GOTR board members were at the finish line cheering the girls on and handing out medals. The coaches were so eager to see their girls finishing!  And the girls just ran up and were so elated to see their coaches cheering them on!  A special shout out goes to all the coaches for GOTR. These women volunteer, giving their time and energy to this program.  The girls meet twice a week all semester long to train for this race!  That is a huge commitment from volunteers! What a fantastic gift they are giving to all of these young girls!  Another shout out to all the volunteers for Saturday's race!  It was so cold and rainy all morning, but we all had  a wonderful time!  Lastly, to Jennifer Summers, the council director, who has put her heart and soul into this program.  We had a fantastic race on Saturday and it is all because of her careful organization and preparation!  If you would like more info about this program or would like to coach or volunteer please let me know!  You can also check out their website (the link is above).  Girls on the Run is so much fun!!!!

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