Monday, December 14, 2009

Dave Ramsey is my hero!

Have you heard of this man?  If not, you should google him (or just follow the link)...he changed my life.  Before we married, Alex signed us up for Financial Peace University (FPU) with Dave Ramsey.  I was a little excited...but mostly just curious in what possessed my future husband to sign his Sunday afternoons away in the middle of football season.  Well, the simple answer behind my bewilderment is that God is great!  God put Dave Ramsey and FPU in our lives because he knew this is a tool that we needed to create a great marriage.  Did you know that 57% of divorces are caused by financial stress?  Well, FPU set our marriage up for great success.  The financial instruction Dave gives is both simple and genius.  Mostly common sense...but a common sense that is sort of lost in today's society.  The concept is easy: save money, eliminate debt and give generously.  We are currently on baby step 2: paying off consumer debt (uggghhh!!!) And we are living like no one else (very cheaply) so that someday we can live like no one else (in financial peace)!!!  Dave's slogan.  Long story short, we are so bought into this concept that we just agreed to teach our own session of Financial Peace University for our church.  This is a DVD driven course and we will be leading it in the spring. Dave Ramsey has changed my entire outlook on money.  It no longer controls my life and causes strife.  But now I see it as a gift from God, a tool if you will, to help others.  Please join Alex and me in February for Financial Peace University.  Just send me a comment if you would like more information on how to sign up!  So while you are planning your fantastic wedding, you can also plan your fantastic marraige!

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  1. love dave! i just paid off my car last week:) 2 student loans left to go and a small credit card that was empty until i bought that dress and then a few things to go along with it! haha... hopefully i'll be reimbursed by the 'rents for that at some point;)