Thursday, December 10, 2009

Crystal Genes Photography

So once upon a time, I posted on Craigslist to be a free wedding planner...offer still stands...I got several responses...and am working on one wedding.  I got one unexpected response...not from a bride but from a photographer.  Crystal Genes is her name.  She suggested we meet to toss around ideas, strategies, etc. Turns out, she had all the great ideas and strategies, and I was just her eager student.  We met in the coolest little bakery in NoDa called Amelie's.  I had the pumpkin muffin (it was terrific).  Crystal, in the few weeks I have known her, has taught me many valuable lessons...such as the importance of networking, but her enthusiasm and generous spirit has also inspired me.  After only a few short minutes of meeting her, she offered to help me out with a few suggestions: 1. start a blog (check) 2. offer a deal with her (such as next person to book her will get free wedding planning....we are still working on that) and 3. allow her to do a lifestyle shoot for me so that I would have some professional photos to market myself.  I was very nervous to take her up on this's been a long time since I've had pictures taken of just me (I'm thinking Senior pictures in High School).  But I agreed, and was secretly excited for the upcoming shoot.  On a brisk Sunday morning we took the pictures in downtown Mooresville.  Looking at the places we were shooting, I thought how in the world can she turn this into a beautiful photo!?  Today a friend told me she could not believe that the "ugly" wall in downtown Mooresville could look so cool!  But that is the thing about Crystal...she is such a super talented photographer!  After she sent me the photos I was speechless at their beauty (not my beauty...but the photos!)  But also in how beautiful she made me look and feel!  Crystal, you are an amazing photographer!  Thank you so much for doing this shoot for me!  

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  1. aww, thanks for the sweet feature:) it was such a fun shoot! you've got the passion... i just know you're going to be fabulous! can't wait to see what the new year brings!